Still Frames in My Mind

I’ve been collecting pieces of previous work, and while searching for movie posters, a still frame flashed in my mind…

It was your average sub zero day in Minnesota and coincidentally, I was working on an indie feature called “Thin Ice“.

The film stars Greg Kinnear, Lea Thompson, and Alan Arkin to name a few.
There were other key players, but these were the few I happened to work with.

I was working as an extra at the beginning of the day, but fortunately, it transitioned into a featured role as a real estate agent working across from Lea Thompson.

If you’re a bit younger and unsure who Lea Thompson is, she’s been a Hollywood player since the early 80’s.

She played Michael J Fox’s mom in “Back to the Future” and also had a successful sitcom, “Caroline in the City“, throughout the 90’s.

Anyway, while waiting in wings, I was discussing the industry with another actor when Lea walked passed us into the restroom.

We continued to talk and a random PA started fumbling with the shoddy restroom door. Suddenly it burst open, and there she was… sitting on the pot.

She was completely covered, but I can’t tell you how awkward the moment was. We were like deer in headlights and it felt like eternity. -AWKWARD-.

The guy quickly apologized and shut the door, while my colleague and I thought, “that poor s.o.b. just lost his job”.

Fortunately, Lea was totally cool and said it was nobody’s fault. She said, “the door was janky and shit happens”. That’s humility folks… what a trooper.

Anyway, I love sharing my stories on set… come back next Thursday for another throwback.

Also, check out “THIN ICE” on Amazon!

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